Necessity is the mother of invention


Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.

This all started out as a way to get what I needed done, the way I needed it, and when I needed it done by.
I had an artist that I managed that needed promotional, and performance photos taken. Everybody said they could, some said they would…nobody did.
I bought my first camera.

I began taking pics and fell in love with the process. Having done various other mediums of Art such as sign painting, murals, airbrushing, sketch artist,  etc…, I had already had am eye for framing and content. So photography seemed to come naturally. Seeing what others couldn’t, capturing it, and giving them that memory.
Under the tutelage of another established photographer I began to learn the technical aspect of the art. I did some weddings as a second shooter at first, which helped me to learn the basics, and what customers were looking for.
I then got invited to do some fashion work by another photographer who saw potential in me. After this my confidence grew and I began taking pics almost daily own my own.
Then my first client hired me to do a party, and from those pics more people employed me to do their events.
The more I learned, the more I shot, the better I became, and the love affair was permanent.

Derrick Dean Photography was born.

“Let me be the ingenious solution, to your difficult situations.
You concentrate on enjoying it; I’ll worry about capturing it.”

– Derrick Dean

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